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From our hearts to yours: Thank you, teachers

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  3. Thank You, Teachers.
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The difference between a really great teacher and one who does not teach well can have a lasting effect on students. Some teachers truly care about their students and want to make sure they are learning. Some teachers work diligently to make sure students understand the material at a deep level and become more interested in the subject matter. Here are some examples of thank you messages for teachers to write in a card to your teacher or to your child's teacher who you are grateful for.

Thank you for teaching me a subject I thought I could never understand or be interested in. Thank you for making learning fun. Even though you were a strict teacher and held us to high standards, I know that I have learned more from your class than any other class I have had. You pushed me to do my best, and I am better for it now. I consider you not only the best teacher I have ever had, but also the best mentor I have ever had. I learned a lot in your class because you took the extra time to explain things clearly. You gave me the extra help I needed. Thank you for giving me your time.


You have and will continue to be a great influence on me. You have been a great mentor and role model for me. Your class was the only class that I didn't dread having to come to each day. Thank you for being a bright spot and something to look forward to in the school day. I was going through a rough time and I wasn't sure I would make it, but you showed me that I am important and you helped me get through the tough time.

Thank you for being supportive when I needed support. You are not just a teacher. You are also a mentor and a friend. Thanks for all you do for me. Thank you for really caring about your students and knowing when there is something wrong. You are more than just a teacher.

Teachers are probably one of the most underrated professionals out there, and I want to say thanks.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

I understand how difficult it must be to educate a bunch of students all at the same time. Then you take work home and grade papers at home, just so you can give your students good feedback. Thank you for all you do as a teacher. You instilled a sense of scholarship in me and showed me how important my education is. The best thing about having you as a teacher is that I'll benefit from what I've learned the rest of my life. You've given me knowledge and skills for life. I know that teachers like you make sacrifices for your students.

You're one of the good ones! You've taught me so much more than the subject that you teach.

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  • Thank You Teacher?
  • Thanks for being a mentor for life. Gifted teachers like you are a gift to their students. We know that you did not enter the profession for the money but because of your love and passion for making a difference in the lives of children. We know you buy supplies with your own money and extend yourself far beyond your job description to help and mentor your students outside of the classroom.

    We know that you are passionate about the subjects you teach and cannot help but impart that passion. We know you are learning the latest and greatest tech tool to differentiate lessons in your classrooms.

    Thank you Speech for Teachers on teacher’s day, farewell day etc

    We know that teachers are often scapegoats for unsolvable issues in education, and we know teachers go above and beyond to address the issues head-on. We know that it is often easy to forget the impact that you have as teachers. Thank you teachers! Recommended Posts. Subscribe to Blog Updates. Recent Posts. Return to Top.

    A Thank You Letter to Our Teachers

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