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I have written a number of stories based on the mind contents of a teenager. I have written motivational stories and stories that can enhance a teenage mind. I am just searching for a chance. I request you to give me a chance. Writing is my hobby and I want to become a writer. I have written many stories in my copy. I writes horror stories,sad stories, about dream.

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So sir please give me a chance to participate in this contest. Any, yes you can participate in the contests.

Annual Writing Competition

You are not required to be a professional writer to participate. Choose the contest you want, click the link at the end of the contest you want. The link is in colour. It will take you to the contest's page where you will get more information about the contest. You can participate in many contests you want. Manish, I'm not the one holding contests.

I have only listed the contests. Read the contest you want then click a link at the end of the contest which will take you to you the contest's page where you will get more information how to participate. The link is red in colour. Ensure you only write the names of one person.

You can write together but only put the name of one person in your entry. I Manish Kashyap and my Girl Friend Mrigakshi Kashyap we are in a relationship since class 8 and we want to write essay together so please give us a chance now immediately. At the end of each contest, I have included a link that directs you to the website's contest page. There you'll find information how to send your entry.

When you see a word in colour at the end of each contest, that is the link you need to click. It will direct you to another website where it contains more information about the contest and how to send your entry. Yes, you can participate in any of the contest including short stories that have been posted in this page. Thank you, Glory. I am glad to hear this article was helpful to you. If you ever win from any of these contests let me know. It will mean a lot to me. Krishna, there are free entry poetry contests for people under the age of As of now, I haven't come across one but keep on checking.

When I come across the free poetry contests, I will post them in this contest page.


Is there any poetry contest in written form for below 18 years of age and with free entry for Indian residents. It will depend with the contest.

Some allow you to publish the work you have submitted and won to other contests or online sites. If you don't win, you are free to submit the work in any contest. Do click the link I have provided under each contest to learn if you can own rights to your work or they will be reverted to the contest. This article contains list of free short story and essay contests. I have included a link under each contest, which is red in colour.

Click it and it will direct you to the contests page which contains more information. I was looking for more essay and short story writing contests that are free to enter and open internationally for all. If you can assist me please give in your links. Asiya, there are many story contests that I have listed than essays and poems; starting with the first contest. Asiya, I don't give money to people who have won the contest. I only list contests that are free to enter and when you win the organizers of that contest will pay you.

When you click the link under each contest, it will direct you to the contest page. There you'll see how you'll be paid. Asiya, when you have located the contest you are interested in, at the same end of that contest I have indicated you should click 'here' or for more details click 'here,' or this 'website.

7 Tips for Winning a Writing Contest

There you will find all details of how to participate. Yes, Tricia.

There are contests for people under the age of I will be indicating the minimum age so as to know right away if you're eligible. Therefore, keep checking. Sure you can write an article but only in contests that allow submission of articles or essays. The contests listed in this page are free to enter and any individual from any part of the world can participate including you from Iran. If a contest is limited to a particular country it will be indicated. Feel free to enter:. Can we attend from another country? For example, we send the script from Iran to US via email we have almost nothin useful in iran XYZ, the prizes and payment depend with an organization and how much money they can afford to pay winners.

The Ultimate List of FREE Writing Contests in

Thank you Ann Gibson. I very much appreciate your comment and encouragement. Thanks too for the blessing. Thank you Madhvi for your feedback. The contests are free to enter, and any citizen from any part of the world can participate. If a contest is restricted to a specific region or nation, it will be indicated. Citizen of all countries are allowed to participate or some specific countries?

You are welcome Douglas.

There are plenty of them. I am sure you will find a couple to participate. I'm sorry to hear that. You're welcome. I hope through writing you'll be comforted and it will aid in the healing process because you've lost a very special person in your life. My condolence. I am interested in some of the competitions. I have just lost my ony daughter in a motor accident - i need o write! Its a very good content. Thank you. Please update about more competitions that is held throughout the year and please add a category for short film making contest. You are welcome, T.

Shreya, to participate in any contest listed on this page. Find the contest which is appropriate to you, which you're eligible to enter, and you're good to go. Best wishes. You are not seeing things. When the duration of a contest expires, I remove the outdated contest to make room for new ones. This, is to avoid browsing through a long list of contests, both the active and non-active. This applied to the missing contest which you saw but is no longer visible.

HI there. I visited this page a couple days ago and I think there was an essay contest about "How I plan on spending summer vacation" but I no longer see it on this page.